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In hotels, guests should be provided with as comfortable and pleasant a stay as possible. With our fans and ventilation devices, not only can a pleasant climate be created, but fresh air can also be supplied to the hotel. The most varied requirements for the air supply are found in hotels, posing a special challenge.

We offer the optimal solution for the requirements in the following hotel areas:

  • Conference rooms
  • Hotel rooms
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Restaurants
  • Roof (installation option)

Conference rooms

TheSupraBox DELUXE is ideal for conference rooms and also complies with existing conditions. These energy recovery units are very quiet so that ventilation is not disruptive during meetings. The new design will not be an eyesore in the future due to the magnetic front panel which can be used as a pinboard. The air quality in conference rooms can be increased not only due to the reduction of CO2 content and the heat recovery but also through pollen and fine dust filtering. The installation and commissioning of the equipment is also very easy and flexible.

Hotel rooms

The hotel rooms represent the most important part of a hotel and must therefore allow for comfortable living. To ensure a comfortable living environment, Rosenberg offers the optimal solution with the SupraBox COMFORT. The energy recovery unit with heat recovery shows how energy efficient and low noise a ventilation unit can be. Multiple hotel rooms can be supplied with fresh air at one time by means of a energy recovery unit.

Hotel lobbies

In the hotel lobby, the opening of the large entry doors frequently leads to unpleasant temperatures. Our door air curtains can counteract this.


Ventilation is very important in large and commercial kitchens. We replace the dirty and greasy exhaust air with fresh air using our fans. TheKitchen exhaust unit or the Unobox-ME are integrated into pipe systems and are adapted to requirements in kitchens. In addition to the hygienic and maintenance-friendly casing and the motor outside of the air flow, very hot media can also be exhausted using these fans.


Hotels strive to make their production area as large as possible. For this very reason,air handling units often represent obstacles in hotel complexes. Rosenberg therefore allows you to install their ventilation systems on the roof. A further advantage of this results in the central control of the apparatus. In addition to air handling units, roof fans offer space-saving installation.

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