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Advantages of Rosenberg

Information on Machine Safety

Rosenberg fans are in conformity with EC council directives (machinery, low voltage, electromagnetic compatibility and in potential hazardous areas with the ATEX directive). The products are marked with a CE label and delivered with a declaration of incorporation respectively a declaration of conformity)

The assessment of the potential dangers of the fan and the necessary technical safety measures are in accordance with VDMA standard, sheet number 24167: fans, safety requirements and relevant harmonized European standards.

The operation manual contains additional safety precautions to be considered during installation to fulfill the requirements of the guidelines of the European Community.

DIN ISO 9001 Certification

The DIN EN ISO 9001 certification, the membership in the association of manufacturers for HVAC appliances and the initiative “Energy Efficiency” demonstrate our expansive expertise in the development, manufacturing and marketing of HVAC appliances.

Well known companies around the world trust in our products

  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Unilever
  • Nestle
  • Siemens
  • Coca Cola
  • National bank
  • Hotel Four Seasons

Modern measuring methods for powerful products

Modern testing facilities as well as environmental protection are a part of the company’s strategy. The selection of a fan depends on various factors. The size of a fan always needs to be reconciled with the air flow, pressure increase and noise. All testing take place in Rosenberg’s testing facilities.

Noise testing and air performance curves

The noise testing is performed in a low reflection testing chamber using the surface cover procedure with modern Bruel & Kjaer measuring systems.

Volume flow testing

All fans are being measures with three testing chambers according to DIN 24163 using most modern measuring technology.

The test and the presentation of the values were made according to DIN 45635, part 38, in accordance with the envelope surface method, after date collection at several test points via a square test area.

The air performance curves have been established using the inlet test method in the test chamber as shown below according to DIN 24163. The show pressure increase as a function of the volume flow and are valid for air with a density of 1,2 kg/m3 with a temperature of t=200C. The mounting position was selected according to the operation conditions to each fan type.

Important note: Power consumption of fan changes proportional to density of conveyed air/gas.

Our production depth

Our integrated production makes us independent of suppliers, strong in solving problems and guarantees a quick delivery.

The entire range of motors, fans and air handling units is manufactured by Rosenberg Group in own production facilities.

Computer controlled machinery as well as self-responsible working teams are important pillars of our serial production.

Since 1990 we manufacture our own external rotor motors for our fans. In a modern manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art equipment including automatic winding machines (Pic.), we manufacture all components starting from the motor lamination until the packaged fan is ready-to-ship. The stators and rotors are manufactured in Rosenberg’s own welding and casting facility in Slovakia. All equipments and special machines are built in our own tool shop in Kunzelsau.

EC Technology

The Rosenberg motors with modern EC Technology are the “energy efficiency wonders” for lower energy costs and a healthier environment. Ad a global acting company we meet the challenge of even better energy efficiency for our motors since years. We know that the deliberate use of energy a growing environmental and economic importance comes up, especially in terms of CO2 emissions and increasing energy prices.

Due to the great efforts in development our products have taken a leading position in the area of profitability and efficiency today. With modern EC technology we take care of precious resources of our environment.

Motor efficiency factors, which are partly higher than 90%, allow energy saving up of up to 35% towards conventional motor technology.

High efficiency factors created by intelligent solutions – we combine modern drives with an integrated control system.

For example: In a fan module the conventional AC motor will be replaced by an EC motor. With a power reduction of 0,5 kw, energy costs of about 0,15 UER/ kWh and an operating time of 4.300 h/ year there is a saving margin of 322,50 EUR a year (BE = 0,5 kw x 4.300h x 0,15 EUR/kWh). The additional price for an environmentally friendly motor amortizes within a few months.

Modern EC Technology of Rosenberg is a sophisticated business for you and also for our environment.

In new efficiency factor classification of electric motors of European Commission Rosenberg motors are clearly higher than efficiency class 1, which ranks between efficiency factors from 84% and 92%.

Furthermore we reach advantages with clearly space-saving motor frame sizes and a longer life time.

Moreover our EC motors are practically maintenance free and essentially noiseless as conventional motors. You may recognize Rosenberg EC fans with the “green energy saving sign”

All Rosenberg fans are equipped with direct driven external rotor motors, which have decisive advantages in comparison with conventional fans:

· High life time

· Compact design

· Motor and impeller assembled to one unit

· The speed is 100% controllable (auto transformers, controller)

· Low starting currents.

All our fans have motor protection through thermal contacts in the motor windings as standard. The impellers are balanced dynamically and statically according to DIN ISO 1940 quality G2.5

Motor protection

All Rosenberg external rotor motors, except the explosion proof types, are equipped with thermal contacts, embedded in the windings to protect the motor. Thermal contacts are bimetal cutouts, temperature dependent.

When properly wired they protect against overload, main phase failure, stalling of the motor and too high ambient temperatures. Motor protection is guaranteed, when the thermal contacts are wired through a tip contactor circuit.

Warranty Guildelines

The customer is responsible for the project design, selection and operation of the fans. The supplier gives warranty for faulty products, excluding further claims, in accordance with paragraph VII of the valid terms and conditions of business.

As Rosenberg has branches, companies and distributors all over the world so warranty will be given all over the world.

Have lot of certificates for high quality of Rosenberg Products.

Certificate according to DIN 1946 , part 4 (Airbox S40)
Certificate according to DIN EN 15085-2
Certificate according to DIN EN ISO 9001 2008
Certificate according to Eurovent (Airbox F40 and Airbox T60)
Certificate according to VDI 6022 (Airbox S40)
Certificate of hygiene compliance (Airbox S60 and T60)
Production Quality Assessment Notifications (ATEX 100)
Test certificate Fans for AHU´s according to RLT-Directive 01
Test certificate of energy efficiency label
Test certificate of fan test chamber (DIN 5801)
High Temp Certificate
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