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Ecofit Profile

Company profile

Air is our element and our passion.

Founded in 1976, ECOFIT design, manufacture and sell electrical motors and fans.

Since 40 years, our specific know-how in electrical motors provide an expertise to offer smart solutions for any ventilation application.

Since 1981 we developed our know-how around external rotor motor technologies.

This has led us to offer a wide range of standard products as well as specific solutions for all kind of air movement applications, ventilation, air conditioning, drying, humidifying, heating, cooling, and refrigerating or filtration purposes.


We first focus on technical exchanges with our customers to allow our know-how to offer a real value added for a tailor made solution meeting outstanding quality standards.

Our laboratory is perfectly equipped to offer the best service with all the necessary accuracy A flexible approach allows a narrow cooperation with customer’s development team for a better time to market realization.


Executive management: Jean-Baptiste Anginot

Sales manager: Didier Deshayes


· Domestic ventilation

· Residential air conditioning

· Railway applications

· Professional cloth dryers

· Heating

· Electronic cooling

· Windmill application

· Filtration


Since the beginning in 1976, ECOFIT had grown exponentially.

· 1976: Creation of the company in Vendôme

· 1981: Development of our first external rotor motor.

· 1990: Move in present facilities, rue Marc Seguin à Vendôme.

· 1993: ISO 9002 certification

· 1994: ROSENBERG GmbH takes over the majority of the shares

· 1995: First extension of the facilities, creation of a warehouse

· 2001: Second extension of the buildings, increase of the production surface

· 2002: Take over ofETRIactivities, led as a separate product line

· 2002: Take over of 100% of the US based Etri Inc. Changed in Rosenberg USA.

· 2007: Development of our own EC motor technology (i.e. electronically commutated motor)

· 2010 : Production line in China for Asian markets

Key figures

A manufacturing space of 7000 m2 and 160 employees in Vendôme.

Facts and figures

We design and manufacture the motors and fans in France (Vendôme, 41100).

With a state of the art laboratory, we can make measurementsfor electrical, air movement and noise data.

Our production plantis organized with the latest specialized machining, winding, balancing and control equipment. This allows us to produce550000 fans per year.

Vendôme plantemploys 160 persons in Vendôme on a total space of 7000m2.

Wesell more than 75% ofour production outside of France.

Since 2002,we havea dedicated sales team and warehouse in USA with its Charlotte (NC) based daughter company.

Since 2002 either,we have a sub-contracting unit with 40 persons and relevant equipment in Tunisia. This allows to manufacture50 000 pcs a year.

ECOFIT, and its nearby area

Integrated into its natural environment.

ECOFIT is developping in a pleasant living environment, rich ofcompetences.

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