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ETRI brand


Ecofit belongs to the Rosenberg group. Specialized in the air movement, the group covers a wide range of applications through its 3 brands, Etri, Ecofit and Rosenberg.
An experienced know-how allows implementing smart tailor made solutions.

ETRI brand

Air is our element and passion

Founded in 1945, ETRI activity has been taken over in 2002 by ECOFIT who designs, manufactures and sells electric motors and fans.

For more than 70 years, ETRI proposes a wide range of standard axial and centrifugal fans and also specific products developed on the basis of customers specifications. Particularly specialized in production of fans for electronic industry, ETRI has extended its range to military electronic up to air conditioning and forced ventilations of high performances.

Our success factors

We first focus on technical exchanges with our customers to allow our know-how to offer a real value added for a tailor made solution meeting outstanding quality standards.

Our laboratory is perfectly equipped to offer the best service with all the necessary accuracy A flexible approach allows a narrow cooperation with customer’s development team for a better time to market realization.

Application examples

- Railway

- Aeronautics

- Air quality

- Military application

- Food industry

Key figures

550 000 fans per year, 2 brands: ECOFIT and ETRI

We design and manufacture the motors and fans in France (Vendôme, 41100).

With a state of the art laboratory, we can make measurements for electrical, air movement and noise data.

Our product plant is organized with the latest specialized machining, winding, balancing and control equipment. This allows us to produce 550000 fans per year for both brands ECOFIT and ETRI.

Vendôme plant employs 160 persons on a total space of 7000m2.

Since 2002, we have a sub-contracting unit with 40 persons and relevant equipment in Tunisia. This allows to manufacture 50 000 pcs a year.


History of ETRI brand name

ETRI – Technical Design and Industrial Image, brand registered in 1948 – was at first only a design office founded in Paris in 1945 by M.HAVARD and then taken over by his son until 1987. ETRI brand has been successively taken over by Dynatec, Convergie and finally ECOFIT in 2002.

ETRI Inc. (ROSENBERG USA since 2002) has been founded in 1976.

ETRI began in ventilation with air treatment in mines and has then extended its activity for many different application types. ETRI has filed a lot of patents. Please find below some examples:

1972: electronic motor fan unit

Set up of bearing housings in the rotor to reduce the size and the noise level of the fan when it runs.

1976: clover cap

Improvement of heat dissipation of rotor to increase the temperature range of use.

1978: speed sensor output on AC fans

Speed control by offering a smaller size than external alternators mounted on the fans

1981: speed sensor outpu on AC fans with sensor holder cup

Easy and precise set up of a detector of rotor position in the motor.

1985: first brushless fans with electronic commutation

Direct current motor with electronic commutation, simple, solid, not expensive, works well, particularly when starting.

1986: BDC monobloc mobile-rotor

External rotor with permanent magnet to be realised in one operation by molding without obligation of use of a stamped housing to produce a rotor.

1986: BDC centrifugal fans

Improvement of the compactness of a centrifugal fan and of its commutation drive.

March 2015: E-Wheel impeller

ECOFIT has designed a new impeller with specific shape to get a better efficiency

ECOFIT and its environment

About ECOFIT, the company, its history and its environment

AFC plant

Our subcontractor

ECOFIT has a production partnership in Tunisia employing 40 persons and producing 50000 fans per year.

This plant works mainly for ETRI range and takes advantage of technical know-how of its employees thank to their 20 years experience in winding, mounting, and control of final products.

AFC, involved in a politic of quality (ISO 9001 certified), security and environment, is specialized in precision engineering, assembling, winding motor mounting. The company is a member of the aeronautical groupment GITAS (Groupement Industriel Tunisien Aérospatial et spatial).

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