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Fans with EC-drives

Rosenberg offers a plethora of energy efficient fans with EC-drives in the area of standard fans, fans for OEM-applications, and fans for use in ventilation units. EC-fans are utilized everywhere where economical energy usage and simple control are required based on the actual ventilation needs. The integrated electronics sets the EC-fan for optimal operation every time. All that is needed is a control signal.

Open Loop

In operating mode “open loop“ the speed of the fan can be steplessly adjusted through a 0-10 V or 4-20 mA set point input. EC-fans with integrated electronics are speed controllable 0...100% of the nominal speed.

Closed Loop

In operating mode “closed loop“ the EC-fan compares the nominal value with the measured actual value and adjusts the speed accordingly to the set requirements. The measured values (pressure, air flow volume, temperature, CO2 …) must be present as an electrical signal 0-10 V or 4-20 mA.

Bus operation

In operating mode “bus“ the EC-fan can be integrated into a bus system through an RS-485 interface.


With the free Rosenberg software ECParam, changes to settings of the EC-fan can be made using a USB-to-RS485 adapter. Current operating conditions can also be read-out (Changing the operating mode, setting a specific minimum or maximum speed, and much more)

The following fan types are available with EC-drives:

Furthermore, due to their outstanding properties, EC-fans are generally used in our energy recovery units.Depending on the air volume and application ourAirbox air handling units are also equipped with energy efficient EC-fans.

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