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Airbox S60

Casing design

S60 units have a frame made from rolled, galvanised steel profiles and corner connectors made from die-cast aluminium or fibreglass-reinforced plastic. The aluminium die cast corner connectors can be supplied with or without M20 threads in order to attach crane lugs, for example. Frame profiles and aluminium die-cast connectors are sealed against one another by EPDM seals. The panels of the casing are a double-skin construction with a 60 mm wall thickness. In the basic version, 1.0 mm thick galvanised steel sheet is used for the inside and outside sheets. Alternatively, the S60 casings are available with plastic coating (standard RAL 7035), in V2A 1.4301 or with aluminium panelling AlMg3. The rock wool used as thermal and acoustic insulation is non-flammable and is partly glued onto the double-skin panel. The panels are screwed on to the hollow frame profile from the outside. The connections between the casing components are configured so the insides are smooth. S60 devices are suitable to meet the hygiene requirements of VDI 6022.

Base frame

The units up size 13Q can be provided with a folded base frame made from 3 mm thick galvanised steel sheet. Alternatively, welded and primed steel base frames as well as welded and galvanised steel base frames in a weather-proof design are available for larger sizes.

Air volume

Minimal (V=1 m/s):
1,400 - 33,000 m³/h
Optimal (V=2 m/s):
2,900 - 66,000 m³/h
Maximal (V=4 m/s):
5,900 - 132,100 m³/h

Thermal properties

Heat transfer [W/m²K]:
0,91 (T2)
Thermal bridging factor kb:
0,58 (TB3)

Panel connection

The panels are screwed onto the connecting profile from outside. In order to provide a good visual look, the screws on the outsides of the casing are concealed. A sealing strip is glued between the panels and profile.

Module connection

The modules are connected in different ways depending on their size. The supplied self-adhesive sealing tape (40 mm x 3 mm) must be affixed to one of the two modules which are to be connected. Folded gusset plates are installed in the corners at the factory. The modules are tightened onto these with supplied screws M8 x 110 mm. In modules from unit size 13R upwards, it is necessary to set additional module connectors along the edges of the unit face.



Catalogue: AIRBOX air handling units Catalogue: AIRBOX air handling units

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Operating manual: Airbox S40, S60 and T60 Operating manual: Airbox S40, S60 and T60

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Certificate of hygiene compliance (Airbox S60 and T60) Certificate of hygiene compliance (Airbox S60 and T60)

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