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AND... / ANDB... - Axial fans with adjustable blades


Axial fans with adjustable blades cover a wide capacity range due to their large variation possibilities with hub relation, number  of  blades  and  blade  angle. With the Rosenberg AND / ANDB series pressure increase up to 1.200 Pa and volumes up to 85.000 m³/h can be relized.

The allowed temperatures of the conveyed mediums are from -20°C up to +40°C as a  standard  (Follow description of the motor manufacturer. Special motors for higher temperatures up to 100°C on request.

Reference to Directives:
 Declaration of incorporation and operating instruction are according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, CE identification in  accordance to EMC-Directive 2014/30/EU, Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU and the Ecodesign-Directive 2009/125/EC.



The casings are made of hot-dip galvanized steel as a standard. On requset the casings can be supplied plastic coated. The casings with defined flange master-gauge for holes ensure an easy connection to the duct system.

Casing type L:
In the long version L, the casing, the motor and blades are covered.

Casing type K:
In the short version K, the motor juts out.

The casings can be equipped with a service access.



The axial impellers are balanced on quality level G6.3  according  to DIN ISO 1940.  The  hubs  of  chilled casting aluminium are made in two parts and have removal drillings for easy dismounting of the imeller.  The  profiled  blades are made of aluminium diecast, in standstill the blade angles are adjustable.  The  number  of  blades  is  variable,  which expands the performance range and allows any operating point.

If the blade angle is adjusted after delivery the power requirement must be checked for overload of the motor.  The impeller has to be balanced after blade adjustment.


Motor and motor protection:

3-phase IEC standard motors of type B3 with protection class IP55, insulation class F in 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-pole execution are used.

Pole-changeable, voltage-controllable, invertor motors and single phase A.C. motors or motors for higher airflow temperatures are available on request.


Air flow direction:

Standard air flow direction:
The standard air flow direction is pressured over the motor.

To  reverse  air  flow  direction  blade  position  must be rotated 180° and the direction of motor rotation must be changed.


Electrical connection:

Motor cable with flying ends passing through the casing.
A terminal box can be mounted or delivered as separate accessory on request.


Protection guard:

The fans are designed for installation in a ventilation system and therefore supplied without protection guard  as  a  standard.  The  user  has  to  make sure before initial operation that saftey protection is ensured according to EN 12100-1/-2.


Scope of delivery:

  Axial fans (AND / ANDB)


For further information, please click the model below for detail.

ANDB1000-4-10-10 ANDB560-2-3-15 ANDB630-2-3-20 ANDB710-4-3-20 ANDB800-4-3-10 ANDB900-4-10-10
ANDB1000-4-10-15 ANDB560-2-3-20 ANDB630-2-3-25 ANDB710-4-3-25 ANDB800-4-3-15 ANDB900-4-10-15
ANDB1000-4-10-20 ANDB560-2-3-25 ANDB630-2-3-30 ANDB710-4-3-30 ANDB800-4-3-20 ANDB900-4-10-20
ANDB1000-4-10-25 ANDB560-2-3-30 ANDB630-2-3-35 ANDB710-4-3-35 ANDB800-4-3-25 ANDB900-4-10-25
ANDB1000-4-5-10 ANDB560-2-3-35 ANDB630-2-6-10 ANDB710-4-3-40 ANDB800-4-3-30 ANDB900-4-10-30
ANDB1000-4-5-15 ANDB560-2-6-10 ANDB630-2-6-15 ANDB710-4-6-10 ANDB800-4-3-35 ANDB900-4-10-35
ANDB1000-4-5-20 ANDB560-2-6-15 ANDB630-2-6-20 ANDB710-4-6-15 ANDB800-4-3-40 ANDB900-4-5-10
ANDB1000-4-5-25 ANDB560-2-6-20 ANDB630-2-6-25 ANDB710-4-6-20 ANDB800-4-6-10 ANDB900-4-5-15
ANDB1000-6-10-10 ANDB560-2-6-25 ANDB630-2-6-30 ANDB710-4-6-25 ANDB800-4-6-15 ANDB900-4-5-20
ANDB1000-6-10-15 ANDB560-2-6-30 ANDB630-2-6-35 ANDB710-4-6-30 ANDB800-4-6-20 ANDB900-4-5-25
ANDB1000-6-10-20 ANDB560-2-6-35 ANDB630-2-6-40 ANDB710-4-6-35 ANDB800-4-6-25 ANDB900-4-5-30
ANDB1000-6-10-25 ANDB560-2-6-40 ANDB630-2-9-10 ANDB710-4-6-40 ANDB800-4-6-30 ANDB900-4-5-35
ANDB1000-6-10-30 ANDB560-2-9-10 ANDB630-2-9-15 ANDB710-4-9-10 ANDB800-4-6-35 ANDB900-6-10-10
ANDB1000-6-10-35 ANDB560-2-9-15 ANDB630-2-9-20 ANDB710-4-9-15 ANDB800-4-9-10 ANDB900-6-10-15
ANDB1000-6-5-10 ANDB560-2-9-20 ANDB630-2-9-25 ANDB710-4-9-20 ANDB800-4-9-15 ANDB900-6-10-20
ANDB1000-6-5-15 ANDB560-2-9-25 ANDB630-2-9-30 ANDB710-4-9-25 ANDB800-4-9-20 ANDB900-6-10-25
ANDB1000-6-5-20 ANDB560-2-9-30 ANDB630-2-9-35 ANDB710-4-9-30 ANDB800-4-9-25 ANDB900-6-10-30
ANDB1000-6-5-25 ANDB560-2-9-35 ANDB630-4-3-20 ANDB710-4-9-35 ANDB800-4-9-30 ANDB900-6-10-35
ANDB1000-6-5-30 ANDB560-4-3-15 ANDB630-4-3-25 ANDB710-4-9-40 ANDB800-4-9-35 ANDB900-6-5-10
ANDB1000-6-5-35 ANDB560-4-3-20 ANDB630-4-3-30 ANDB710-6-3-20 ANDB800-4-9-40 ANDB900-6-5-15
  ANDB560-4-3-25 ANDB630-4-3-35 ANDB710-6-3-25 ANDB800-6-3-10 ANDB900-6-5-20
  ANDB560-4-3-30 ANDB630-4-6-10 ANDB710-6-3-30 ANDB800-6-3-15 ANDB900-6-5-25
  ANDB560-4-3-35 ANDB630-4-6-15 ANDB710-6-3-35 ANDB800-6-3-20 ANDB900-6-5-30
  ANDB560-4-6-10 ANDB630-4-6-20 ANDB710-6-3-40 ANDB800-6-3-25 ANDB900-6-5-35
  ANDB560-4-6-15 ANDB630-4-6-25 ANDB710-6-6-10 ANDB800-6-3-30  
  ANDB560-4-6-20 ANDB630-4-6-30 ANDB710-6-6-15 ANDB800-6-3-35  
  ANDB560-4-6-25 ANDB630-4-6-35 ANDB710-6-6-20 ANDB800-6-3-40  
  ANDB560-4-6-30 ANDB630-4-6-40 ANDB710-6-6-25 ANDB800-6-6-10  
  ANDB560-4-6-35 ANDB630-4-9-10 ANDB710-6-6-30 ANDB800-6-6-15  
  ANDB560-4-6-40 ANDB630-4-9-15 ANDB710-6-6-35 ANDB800-6-6-20  
  ANDB560-4-9-10 ANDB630-4-9-20 ANDB710-6-6-40 ANDB800-6-6-25  
  ANDB560-4-9-15 ANDB630-4-9-25 ANDB710-6-9-10 ANDB800-6-6-30  
  ANDB560-4-9-20 ANDB630-4-9-30 ANDB710-6-9-15 ANDB800-6-6-35  
  ANDB560-4-9-25 ANDB630-4-9-35 ANDB710-6-9-20 ANDB800-6-9-10  
  ANDB560-4-9-30 ANDB630-4-9-40 ANDB710-6-9-25 ANDB800-6-9-15  
  ANDB560-4-9-35   ANDB710-6-9-30 ANDB800-6-9-20  
      ANDB710-6-9-35 ANDB800-6-9-25  
      ANDB710-6-9-40 ANDB800-6-9-30  


Picture of Axial Fans ANDB

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