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Rosenberg Box fans


The Rosenberg Unoboxes are designed to handle air volumes from  800 m³/h to  19.000 m³/h.  Typical applications are in apartments, shops, supermarkets, repair shops, warehouses, garages, etc. and other areas of slight air contamination.

The Rosenberg Unoboxes-ME are designed to handle air volumes with higher temperatures. Typical applications are to exhaust kitchens, production shops and other areas where polluted air has to be exhausted.

The Rosenberg-Zero boxes are used for ventilation of apartments,  warehouses,  factories,  toilets,  bathrooms,  locker rooms and more.  The extremely flat construction  (Ultimate)  makes  them ideal for installation in suspended ceilings.  
The very low noise fans can be installed in any position.

We distinguish between:
Zerobox Ultimate    = extremely flat design; very low noise
Zerobox Evolution    = flat design; low noise                 

Application areas:
Garage / Offices / Bars / Greenhouses / Skyscrapers / Hotels / Industrial buildings /  Basement rooms /  Playschool / Cinemas / Parking facilities / Warehouses /  Nursing homes /  Schools / Sports halls /  Supermarkets /  Workshops / Residential houses / Fitness centers / Inflatables

Models for Rosenberg box fans

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