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Rosenberg Centrifugal fans

Rosenberg Centrifugal fans

 ·    Casing made of galvanized sheet steel
·    outgoing connection cable
·    motor protection by termal contacts
·    speed is variable using auto transformers



The high efficiency centrifugal fans with backward curved impellers have been developed especially for modern  ventilation and air conditioning applications and are ideal for the movement of air and slightly aggressive gas and vapours. The sizes comply with standard R20 according to DIN 323. The designation of sizes corresponds to the outside diameter of the impeller.

Application areas:
Railway  / Wind power /  Ex-protection /   Datacenters /   Inflatables /   Compressors /  Ships /  Offshore /  Laboratories / Retail stores / Industrial buildings / Basement rooms / Workshops

Models of Rosenberg Centrifugal fans

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