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Rosenberg Tube Fans CIL

R... / RS... - Tube Fans

Construction of steel and plastic

  • easy installation in any position
  • easy electrical connection via terminal box
  • motor protection by thermal contacts
  • isolation class F



Tube fans represent  a technically  perfect solution,  uniting  the  advantages  of  axial fans,  straight airflo w  and easy installation, with high pressure stability, low noise level and high efficiency of the radial fans.

Application areas:
Garage / Offices / Bars / Greenhouses / Skyscrapers / Hotels / Industrial buildings /  Basement rooms /  Playschool / Cinemas / Parking facilities / Warehouses /  Nursing homes /  Schools / Sports halls /  Supermarkets /  Workshops / Residential houses / Fitness centers / Inflatables


Steel type (R)
The casings are manufactured of galvanized sheet steel

Plastic type (RS)
The  casings are  equipped  with  an attractive and  hardly  inflammable plastic  casing with integrated  
IP44  terminal box and guide vane.

More information about Steel type (R)

More information about Plastic type (RS)

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