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Fans made of plastic

Fans made of plastic (Type: EPN...)


  • flow rates up to 5,200 m³/h
  • size: 160 - 355 mm (impeller diameter)
  • motor out of air stream
  • corrosion-resistant design
  • shaft feedthrough with V-ring
  • standard motor, IP55, thermal class F
  • backward curved impellers
  • casing position: LG/RD according to Eurovent
  • terminal box directly on motor, IP55
  • motor protection through PTC thermistors
  • direct installation in systems with elastic sleeves

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The casings are produced following the rotational casting procedure and are made of electrically conductible polyethylene (PE). The design allows removal of the motor with the impeller and the console without having to disconnect the casing from the duct system. The casing and stainless steel console are sealed to each other with an expanded PE sealing ring.


The consoles are made of stainless steel material no. 1.4301. The console supports the motor and the spiral casing and, at the same time, forms the back wall of the casing. For mounting the motor, a motor supporting plate is screwed onto the console.


Impellers of polypropylene with backward curved blades with high efficiency are used. The impellers together with the hubs are dynamically balanced at two levels according to the G2.5 quality level as per DIN1940.


Electrical connection

The electrical connection of the motor is done via the terminal box of the pre-assembled IEC standard motor.



Product information: Fans made of plastic (EPND) Product information: Fans made of plastic (EPND)

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