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Axial 400Hz Fans

Motors 115V and 200V

(106Z, 82T, 103T, 110VU, 99XV, 551CTF, 80T, 98XE, 98XJ, 125XS, 125XT, 155BW, 121VY, 85M, 86M, 61BE, 112BC)

Axial and centrifugal fans for use in severe environment fans: tropicalized, salt spray, high vibrations, chocks,…

Maximum airflow: 970l/s

Maximum pressures: 440mmH2O

Dimensions from 67 x 38mm to 320 x 214mm

Single phase AC motor in 115V or 200V at 400Hz 

Axial fans with impeller in plastic or aluminium

Housings in aluminium or zamak

Options different according to the fan type


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