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Air curtain for commercial doors

  • Self-supporting casing construction made of zinc plated steel, painted epoxy-polyester structural white colour RAL 9016 as standard. Other colours are available on request.
  • Low noise twisted cross-flow fans driven with a two speed external rotor motor.
  • Micro-perforated inlet grille with filter functions makes unnecessary an intensive filter servicing, only has to be periodically wiped or vacuumed.
  • Linear blow-out jets with airfoil profiled anodized aluminium lamellas.
  • Control panel and remote control IR included. 7 m of telephonic cable with fast connectors type RJ45 (Plug & Play). Opcional: Interface to connect to BMS.
  • "A" type is without heating, air only.
  • "E230" type includes electrical shielded elements 230Vx1 (batteries), two power stages with power switches included.
  • "E400" type includes electrical shielded elements 400Vx3 (batteries), two power stages with power switches included.
  • "P" type includes 2 rows water heated coils. 80/60ºC in/out water temperature.

Standard Controls

  • CW-2AO-NE


    Controller 2 fan speeds - unheated or water heated

    2 Fan speed
    ON/OFF external
    Memory (when power cut)
    Touchproof (12V)

  • CE-2AO-NE


    Controller 2 fan speeds and 2 heating stages - electrical heated

    2 Fan speed
    2 Heating stages
    ON/OFF external
    Suitable for room thermostat
    Memory (when power cut)
    Touchproof (12V)

Optional Controls

  • CT-5DT-NE


    Total Controller: universal with display and time programmer

    Suitable for all air curtains (except Minibel and Eco). Valid for air only, water and electrical heated units.
    Digital display with multilanguage.
    Auxiliary devices: anti-freezer sensor, door contact, room thermostat, etc...
    Time programmer: 3 ON/OFF for each different day of the week.

Additional Controls

  • TD-NE


    Digital Thermostat - electrical heated

    Modifies heat stages and fan speed depending on selected temperature and programme. Only for electrical heated units.
    Recommended to reduce the energy consumption depending on desired temperature.

Control BMS

  • IN-NE-II


    Interface II: connection to BMS and controller (without extra cable)

    It allows connection of the air curtain to centralized management system BMS.
    Possibility to connect an auxiliary controller at the same time.
    Switch to establish priority: BMS or auxiliary controller.
    When BMS turns OFF automatically auxiliary controller can manage the unit.

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