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Controller for AHUs


The controllers adapted to Airbox units offer the best in comfort and safety in the operation, monitoring and servicing of the system. The controllers are manufactured in accordance with VDE guidelines and meet the requirements of the applicable EC directives. Thus together with custom controllers, Rosenberg air handling units provide an optimal device. With this concept, the aim of maximum system well-being and highest comfort with minimum energy use is achieved cost-effectively and safely.

The Rosenberg controller series is suitable for supply air, indoor air or exhaust air temperature control. The controllers are used for transformer control of direct-drive fans, to control standard motors, frequency inverters and EC motors. Only microprocessor-based controllers which allow for high control accuracy are used in ventilation systems for the implementation of the various controller tasks.

Compact controller MSD..TR and RTE/D..TR series

The compact controller MSD...TR (for IEC standard motors) or RTE/D...TR (for external rotor motors) series is particularly well suited for room temperature/supply air temperature control in ventilation systems and meets the most important technical control basic functions. A configurable controller, in which nine different selectable ventilation system schemas are stored, serves for temperature control.

In conjunction with a room sensor and supply air duct system, the room or supply air temperature is set by the controller board included in the compact controller series. The TR controller has a control panel in the control cabinet door with a user-friendly, two-line plain text display. Adjustments to the process can be made on this control panel. A weekly program for system switching on and off and the adjustment of different temperature setpoints with three switching times per day is also integrated.

Jede TR- Regelung besitzt eine Motorschutzeinrichtung, welche bei Motoren mit Thermokontakt oder Kaltleiter einen optimalen Motorschutz garantiert. Beim Überschreiten der max. zulässigen Wicklungstemperatur wird der Motor vom Netz getrennt.

Airtronic controller series

The latest DDC technology is used in the Airtronic controller series. The Airtronic control unit enables not only standard motors and external rotor motors to be controlled, but also frequency inverter operation as well as control of energy-saving EC fans. The advantages of this technology also include the option of customer-specific adaptation for many applications, making the Airtronic suitable for a highly diverse range of control functions The Airtronic is available in two versions – Airtronic Basic and the more elaborate Airtronic D – which differ according to the maximum number of inputs and outputs and are individually programmed for each air ventilation system.

Functions such as pressure control, flow rate control or fan control according to air quality or CO2 are also possible here.  Upon request, the Airtronic control units can be connected to a higher-level BMS via the LON bus or the Modbus.

Control panel

The control panel can be installed directly into the control cabinet door, or alternatively, be supplied as a remote operating panel. A week program is also integrated for switching the system on and off or for setting different nominal temperatures and ventilation specifications with seven switching times per day. Fault messages, system statuses and internal settings are displayed in plain text.

Both Airtronic and TR controller series have a master switch. This makes it possible to disconnect the entire ventilation system.



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