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ER fans

ER... / DR... - Axial fans with double flange casing

·    low installation depth
·    usable for many applications
·    can be installed in any position
·    motor protection by thermal contacts
·    speed is variable using auto transformers



High efficiency axial fans are used large for  air volumes pressure.  The fans with square inlet cone are used for ventilating restaurants, gymnasiums, conference rooms, workshops, ware-houses,  swimming pools and greenhouses.

Application areas:
Garage / Offices / Bars / Greenhouses / Skyscrapers / Hotels / Industrial buildings /  Basement rooms /  Playschool / Cinemas / Parking facilities / Warehouses /  Nursing homes /  Schools / Sports halls /  Supermarkets /  Workshops / Residential houses / Fitness centers / Inflatables

Reference to Directives:
 Declaration of incorporation and operating instruction are according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, CE identification in accordance to EMC-Directive 2014/30/EU, Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU and the Ecodesign-Directive 2009/125/EC.



Casing with double flange ring for duct installation
The casings of high efficiency axial fans are made of galvanized sheet steel and are plastic coated.


The high efficiency axial fans have aerodynamically profiled blades.  The  blades  are  made  of galvanized sheet metal, and are mounted directly to the rotor of the external rotor motor and are balanced dynamically  together  with  the rotor according to quality level G2.5 to DIN1940.

Sizes 200 to 300        = made of galvanized and lacquered sheet steel
Sizes 315 to 630-6        = made of plastic
Sizes 630-4 to 1000        = made of aluminium


Motor and motor protection:

All Rosenberg fans are  equipped with  direct driven  external rotor motors.  All our fans have motor protection  through thermal contacts in the motor windings as standard. The motors apply to protection class IP44/IP54.

Sizes 200 to 300        = motor protection class IP44
All other sizes            = motor protection class IP54

The drive has due to an external rotor motor a space saving, compact and attractive design. The motor is fitted within the impeller, which enables the best possible cooling. For this reason  a  100%  variable speed control can be guaranteed. V-belts, additional tension bars and motor mounting devices are  not necessary.  Only well-dimensions ball-bearings,  fitted on both sides and  life  time  greased are  used.
Both ball-bearing seats are  ground to high  precision in one work process to eliminate  any  vibrations.
External rotor motors have extremely low starting currents.  The windings  comply to  isolation class F.
In addition the windings have a standard moisture impregnation.


Electrical connection:

The  motors  are  fitted  with  an  outgoing  cable.  The  electrical connection  can be made via an IP44 terminal box, which is supplied loose.



Axial fans with double flanges can be easily integrated into a pipe system. Accessories like flanges or flexible duct connectors are optional.


Air volume control:
For more information see accessories!

5-speed control unit:
230V    à   RE / RTE …
400V    à   RTD …

Infinitely variable control unit:
230V    à   ED / REE …
400V    à   RED …


Scope of delivery:

·   Axial fan (ER / DR)
·   Terminal box (loose)
·   Documentation


Important notes:

Air performance curves:

The  performance  curves  for  these  fan  types have been measured in mounting position A (free inlet; free outlet) and show  the  pressure  increase  ∆pfa as  a function of the air flow;  version with inlet cone and without protection guards.  

Noise levels:
The bordered values printed in the performance curve  diagrams show the  "A"  weighted LWA5  sound  power level (fan inlet). Determination of "A" weighted LWA6 sound power level at fan outlet:
LWA6 [dB(A)] = LWA5 [dB(A)]
The "A" weighted sound pressure level LPA at a distance of 1 metre is calculated approximately by  deducting 7 db(A) from the "A" weighted sound power level. It is importmant to note that the reflection and room characteristic as well as natural frequencies influence the sound pressure levels a different way. The octave sound power level LWA at octave medium frequency you can find on the table on each fan type page.

Technical data presentation:
The performance data shown represent the accuracy class 3 according to DIN 24166.

Classification of the fan series:
NRVU    = Non Residential Ventilation Units
UVU    = Unidirectional Ventilation Units

Rosenberg fans have a spezfic (pressure-) ratio < 1,05 (pressure < 5000 Pa).

Service life:
For maximum service life of Rosenberg products please beware of the maintenance hints on the manual for each product type.

Recycling and disposal:
For recycling and disposal of Rosenberg products comply with applicable locally requirements and regulations.

Axial fans with double flange casing

Casing made from galvanized and plastic-coated steel, ER/DR series short cased with two flanges.

Impellers with aerodynamically shaped blades, up to size 300 made from galvanized steel, from size 315 up to size 630-6 made from plastic, from size 630-4 from die-cast aluminium, mounted onto a speed controllable external rotor motor. The fan is balanced on two levels according to quality level G 2.5 DIN/ISO 1940.

Closed motor, protection class IP 44/54 with protection against humidity and thermal contacts wired in windings for motor protection from size 315.
Maintenance free ball bearings closed on both sides, sealed for life. Electrical connection through terminal box (not connected) in IP 44.

Reference to Directives:
Declaration of incorporation and operating instruction are according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, CE identification in accordance to EMC-Directive 2014/30/EU, Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU and the Ecodesign-Directive 2009/125/EC.

For further information, please click the model below for detail.

ER 200-2.3BF ER 315-2 ER 400-4.4EC ER 560-4 (6HF)
ER 200-4.3BF ER 315-2.4FF ER 400-6.4DA ER 560-4
ER 250-2.3CF ER 315-4.4DA ER 450-4.5DF ER 560-4.5HA
ER 250-4.3CF ER 315-6.4DA ER 450-6.5DF ER 560-6
ER 300-2.3EF ER 350-2 ER 500-4.5FA ER 560-6.5FA
ER 300-4.3DF ER 350-4 ER 500-6 ER 630-4
  ER 350-4.4EC   ER 630-6
  ER 350-6.4DA   ER 630-6.5HA
      ER 710-6

Picture of axial fans ER

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