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Rosenberg Free running impeller

Free running  impeller with external rotor motor

·    compact, space-saving design
·    impeller with high power density
·    constant high degree of efficiency
·    mountable in all installation positions
·    easy maintenance, due to lack of belt drive deterioration
·    wide range of voltage- and frequency-controlled constructions


Features and Constructions:

Rosenberg centrifugal fans of ranges E/DKHR and  E/DKHM with free running impellers out of aluminum are very compact units. The fans have been optimally designed with regard to air movement. They combine a voltage controlled AC-external rotor motor and a newly designed high efficiency impeller.

The combination of  voltage controlled Rosenberg- external rotor motors, flexible production of impellers and  high  end metal fabrication, gives Rosenberg the capability  to manufacture fan modules that provide the best possible benefit  to customers while taking the design demands and the customers application into consideration.

Models of Rosenberg free running impeller fans

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