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Rosenberg Kitchen exhaust units

Kitchen exhaust units - Exhaust fans for higher operating temperatures

·    high efficiency as a result of optimized casing-impeller-combination
·    access door is on the right hand side, changing to left side is possible
·    Swing out fan unit for easy access to inspect, maintain or clean
·    Motor protection by thermal contacts



Rosenberg  kitchen exhaust units  were  developed to move smaller to middle air volumes and to be suitable for installation where the air is slightly soiled, greasy or the air temperature is up to 100°C. Typical installations are for example commercial kitchens, and other commercial and industrial applications where  high  requirements  under  difficult  conditions need to be met.

Application areas:
Garage / Bars / Hotels / Industrial buildings / Playschool / Parking facilities / Warehouses / Nursing homes / Schools / Kitchens  /   Workshops  /  Restaurants  /  Residential houses  /  Fitness centers / Inflatables  / Retail stores / Super markets / Bakeries

Models for Rosenberg kitchen exhaust fans

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