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Behind many glass facades and modern architecture worldwide you will find HVAC equipment from the Rosenberg-Group. There is a strong emphasis on solutions tailored to a building’s individual needs when specifying the units.


Tech Gate Vienna, Vienna (Austria)

Microsoft, Unterschleißheim (Germany)

he thong quat trong techgate he thong thong gio microsoft

Office and Administration Building "Darmstädter Landstraße", Frankfurt/Main (Germany)

Kaffee Partner, Osnabrück (Germany)
he thong thong gio darmstand he thong quat trong kaffee
Donauplex, Vienna (Austria) Ericsson, Budapest (Hungary)
quat thong gio trong mall he thong quat trong ericsson
Millenium Center, Vienna (Austria) Press-Center, St.Petersburg (Russia)
he thong thong gio millenium he thong gio trong press center
Embassy of Mexico, Berlin (Germany) UVEX, Fürth (Germany)
quat rosenberg cho mexican embassy quat thong gio cho uvex
PUMA, Herzogenaurach (Germany) Adidas, Herzogenaurach (Germany)
quat rosenberg cho puma quat rosenberg cho adidas
Rockwool, Flechtlingen (Germany) Universal Studios (Singapore)
quat rosenberg cho rockwool quat rosenberg cho universal studios
Reflections at Keppel Bay (Singapore) Biopolis (Singapore)
quat rosenberg cho reflection singapore quat rosenberg cho biopolis singapore
Global Foundries (Singapore) Saigon Center cũ (Vietnam)
quat rosenberg cho global quat rosenberg cho saigon center cu
NTUC Center (Singapore) OUB Tower (Singapore)
quat rosenberg ntuc building quat rosenberg oub building
Plaza 8 at Changi Business Park (Singapore) Novena Square (Singapore)
quat rosenberg plaza 8 quat rosenberg novena square
New Cathay Building (Singapore) Goodrich at Changi North Crescent (Singapore)
quat rosenberg new cathay building quat rosenberg goodrich
Changi Business Park (Singapore) Asia Square Tower at Marina View (Singapore)
quat rosenberg changi business park quat rosenberg asia square tower
Unilever Building (Singapore) Signature at 51 Changi Business Park (Singapore)
quat rosenberg unilver building quat rosenberg signature building
The Central (Singapore) Raffles City (Singapore)
quat rosenberg central building quat rosenberg raffles city
Straits Trading Building at No.9 Battery Road (Singapore) Singtel Telepark (Singapore)
quat rosenberg straits trading building quat rosenberg singtel building
Procter & Gamble Building (Singapore) Procter & Gamble Innovation Center (Singapore)
quat rosenberg p&G quat rosenberg procter gamble building
Business Center Leader at Saint-Petersburg (Russia) Business Centre Neptune at Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
quat rosenberg bussiness center quat rosenberg neptun
Traffic Control Center East with air curtains (Denmark) Atrium at Orchard (Singapore)
quat rosenberg Traffic Control Center quat rosenberg Atrium
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